Lighting is complicated. We try to dispel some of the myths and provide helpful guides to popular topics.


Lamps - retrofit vs Dedicated: battle of the decade

Your guide to how to choose between retrofit and dedicated LED light fittings, with the pros and cons of each


Hallways - how to make a grand entrance

The hallway is the first impression of your home. Make it special with light with these helpful tips

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Outdoor Lighting - Tips on making the most of your outdoor space

Outdoor lighting will turn your outdoor space into another room and provide a beautiful vista to look out on during the winter


the key to good lighting in your home

Lighting a home is very different from lighting a commercial property. Here are our key techniques to improve any lighting in a home.


choosing the right led for you

LED is fast becoming the standard light source in the home. Here’s the key information to look out for when making a purchasing decision.


Getting the most from lighting control

Read our guide to getting the most from your lighting control and ensuring they are fit for purpose.


Thinking about recessed downlights

Downlights are commonly used these days, but not always to great effect. Find out how to use them to deliver the best results.

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Residential Lighting Design

Residential Lighting Design, written by Marcus Steffen, gives a comprehensive guide to lighting your home. It provide practical tips and excellent technical advice on how to start designing with light.

Residential Lighting Design

Good lighting is essential to a building. An effective design is not just about introducing light into a space, but rather an appreciation of how the space will be used. A good lighting design is so intertwined with the building that it is only noticed in its absence. This book introduces the tools of the lighting designer and explains how to produce a lighting design for a home. Looking at the nature of light and introducing different lamps and light fittings available, it explains the basics of lighting design and how to provide atmosphere through the play of light and shadow. It gives room-by-room analysis of good lighting design and gives advice on controls, plus an overview of the pitfalls of dimming and energy saving. Residential Lighting Design explains the nature and quality of light, how to use it in the home and how to create a beautiful space.

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