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Kitchens form the hub of the home. Get some inspiration for your kitchen lighting from this collection of stylish kitchens

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The hall is the first room you will see when you come home. Find out how to make it special with these tips.


Excellent quality of work, great expertise and collaboration. We have worked with MSLD on several high-end residential projects in Central London, and we have been guided from the early stages of design to the final touch ups, a few hours before clients could settle in their homes.

The team is always spot on in understanding the peculiarity of each project, and enhance its features by selecting tailored options in terms of lighting, while always keeping in consideration the right design elements.

As well, the interaction between team, architects and clients has always been very professional and based on mutual respect and trust, and this has helped the success of each one of our projects together.

Pompeo Mennella

InsideOut have worked with MSLD on a number of projects for a key commercial client.

Marcus and his team bring a passion, creative eye and commercial practicality to the lighting design of the projects we have collaborated on, working closely with the wider design team to ensure that the proposals are both spectacular and appropriate to the aspirations of the client.

After a number of successful projects, we are now exploring how to further integrate MSLD into our own work flow, to ensure that the projects, and client, benefit as much as possible from the expertise that Marcus and his team have.

Working with MSLD has really enhanced the design of the lighting of the spaces both from a creative and technical perspective.

Inside Out Architecture

We hired Marcus at MS Lighting to design the lighting for the full refurbishment of a 4000 sq ft house in South West London. He put a detailed and clear design package together ahead of our building tender, worked effectively with our main contractors, and supplied all the built in lighting. He also helped with the set up of a Rako lighting control system. The end result is exceptional, balancing functionality and aesthetics well, and has significantly added to the quality of the finish. The lighting supplied was very clearly labelled, circuit by circuit, which saved time for the electricians. Overall, we’d strongly recommend considering using a specialist lighting designer if you are doing a large renovation project. Most contractors will just fit rows of standard ceiling spots, and while interior designers will give ideas for feature lights, they’re less likely to be skilled at designing built in lighting. We’d strongly recommend contacting Marcus if you decide to use a lighting designer

Georgina S



Residential Lighting Design, written by Marcus Steffen, gives a comprehensive guide to lighting your home. It provide practical tips and excellent technical advice on how to start designing with light.

Residential Lighting Design

Good lighting is essential to a building. An effective design is not just about introducing light into a space, but rather an appreciation of how the space will be used. A good lighting design is so intertwined with the building that it is only noticed in its absence. This book introduces the tools of the lighting designer and explains how to produce a lighting design for a home. Looking at the nature of light and introducing different lamps and light fittings available, it explains the basics of lighting design and how to provide atmosphere through the play of light and shadow. It gives room-by-room analysis of good lighting design and gives advice on controls, plus an overview of the pitfalls of dimming and energy saving. Residential Lighting Design explains the nature and quality of light, how to use it in the home and how to create a beautiful space.

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