MS Lighting Design can provide a wide variety of services, so sometimes the best thing to do is give us a call or send an email and tell us what you need help with. We can tailor our design process to your project. There are a number of "standard" services that we provide for the majority of projects. Not all of them are suitable for all projects, so when you inquire we will get back to you with the options available. 

Full Lighting Design

For a full lighting design will cover everything needed for a project to run smoothly. There will be the initial design phase where we work with the client, architect and interior designer to ensure that the lighting works and complements the final building, highlighting all the key aspects of the design. Once this is agreed, the final lighting design will be produced and coordinated with the contractors. This ensures everyone understands what needs to be done on the project and any unusual installations or constructions required. 

The Lighting Design consists of the following:

  • Full lighting layouts showing all the positions of the light fittings, switches, controls, and the circuit groupings. It will also include any built in detailing which is required
  • Schematics for control system wiring
  • Load chart detailing loading on each circuit, dimming and load types and quantities of fittings
  • Schedule detailing all equipment circuit by circuit
  • Specification Sheets on each of the light fittings and accessories
  • Meeting to go over the design plus a revision of the lighting plan
  • Meeting on site to coordinate with builder and electricians on all aspects of the installation

As well as the above we can offer additional services such as continual involvement during the project to ensure that the project goes smoothly and commissioning at the end of the project. This will be priced as and when they are needed.  

We will provide a quote for a project, detailing out what is to be done and how many hours this will take. 


We also provide a consultation service, which will be a meeting to sit down and discuss options on a lighting scheme, but will not involve producing full CAD plans. This may be recommended for a variety of reasons.

  • A retrofit project, where there will be minimal rewiring, but light fittings need to be updated and help is needed on specification. 
  • A project which is just one small room or a couple of rooms, for which there might not be architectural plans available to mark up. 
  • Advice is needed in the creation of a light fitting

Lighting Level Calculations

Lighting design is not just about creating beautiful, evocative spaces (though this is important). It is also important to ensure that there are appropriate levels of light for all areas in a building. With the evolution of lighting calculation software, it is possible to provide detailed calculations for any location, showing light levels and allowing the light to be tailored to a space. As part of a lighting design we can provide calculations to show lux levels, emergency lighting levels, uniformity (where needed). Sometimes it is just a case of ensuring that there is an appropriate level of light, and we can do a quick calculation to ensure this is achieved.

  • Full lighting calculations can be provided for commercial properties
  • Emergency lighting levels
  • Compliance with requirements for uniformity, LG7 and Secured by Design