An insight into lighting design project management

MS Lighting Design is delighted that owner Marcus Steffen has been given a highly sought-after speakers’ slot at Darc Room, part of London Design Festival. Darc Room is a curated, creative lighting exhibition for specifiers and designers and is now in its’ second year. Join Marcus on the 19th September at 2.20pm at the venue in Shoreditch.

Marcus will be sharing an insight into the world of lighting design project management and how to deliver a successful project. Ahead of the full talk, here are just a few tips to keep your projects on track and running smoothly.

1.     Be clear on your objectives – before you even begin the project, make sure you have all the background information and all key stakeholders are fully on board. Make sure you know their expectations and have provided feedback on whether these expectations are realistic.

2.     Identify your project team – once your plan is in place, who do you need to involve to deliver it? Make sure you involve people who are reliable and will completely commit to the project, otherwise they may cause unnecessary delays.

3.    Communication is key – communication is one of the most critical elements in project management. Make sure you keep in touch with all key stakeholders and team members during the project. Ensure everyone has the information they need to complete their individual roles, and make sure everyone is kept up to date with project developments.

4.     Keep on track of additional deliverables – while changes are inevitable during any project, you need to make sure that extra deliverables aren’t being added in without being accounted for. If the project requires more, or something that was not part of the initial agreement, make sure this is factored in when it comes to time and budgets.  

These are just a handful of useful snippets based on Marcus’ extensive experience of lighting design project management. For a full insight and some real-life examples, join Marcus at the Darc Room on 19th September.